What are After School Clubs?

Chances are if you have ever attended, worked in, or enrolled your child in an after-school program you will find basic daily activities such as arts & crafts, homework time, inside and outside games, and snack time. These daily activities are designed to provide a safe, stable, and structured environment for children. There are times, however when the daily schedule may become too repetitive. This leaves center staff and children wanting more. After School Clubs are a way to add new life and enthusiasm into the program.

Clubs are a combination of all the best aspects of an after-school program. They can include games, arts & crafts, learning components & special events. Typically they last 4-6 weeks and are planned by After School Center staff. They are also designed to fit a certain theme. Your center staff can choose a topic/hobby they specialize in, such as dance or music or you can tap into popular children’s themes.

Example Club & Activities:

Taste of Asia Club

  • Week 1: Dragon Wands
  • Week 2: Make Candy Sushi
  • Week 3: Kung Fu Panda Frames
  • Week 4: Taste Asian food- Sushi, egg rolls, & Orange Chicken and watch the movie Mulan

What are the benefits of after school clubs?

After School Clubs can have many psychological and social benefits in children in an After School setting. They promote a sense of belonging in children and provide an environment where children thrive personally and socially. Children can build social relationships by working in a group and develop positive and meaningful relationships with their peers and Staff Members. Also, Child Care Centers can be less prone to behavior and discipline concerns ~ remember busy kids are happy kids.

How do I get started in planning after school clubs?

You can start by reading a few articles: Planning your First after School Club and When to Host After School Clubs.

What are popular club themes ideas?

Art Club, Science Club & Cooking Club are always popular choices. Other popular Club Themes have to do with current trends, such as Club Penguin, Skateboarding or Fancy Nancy. See my Club Themes Page for more Club Ideas!

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