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A leader’s guide to hosting an after-school club from home

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Has your after-school children care center been out of commission due to school closures? Do you still want to provide activities for your students but don’t know where to start? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

There are a few great options out there such as ZOOM and google hangouts if you want to try and schedule live class sessions with your students. Make sure if you do this that the supply list is minimal as your students likely won’t have access to as many supplies as they are used to having at your center.

  1. Set a meeting time at least 3-4 days in advance to allow your students to create time in their schedules and gather necessary supplies. Make sure the meeting time is finite – 20-30 min. at the most. and schedule in the lat afternoon after school hours as you normally would for your after school club. Some ideas of content that would work during a meeting like this: drawing lessons, dance lessons, origami, paper airplane making, knitting/crocheting, and basic cooking lesson (preferably with no heat source required)

OPTION 2: Send an email with pre-recorded content and supply list from you.

This is great option for parents that provides flexibility for them to use your lesson plans on their own time. Make sure the videos are short and able to be completed in the students home. Once again, keep the supply lists short.

Have fun, and just know that whatever service you provided will be welcomed by your families. They will be delighted to see your smiling faces and to know how much you care about them by provided much needed activities and social familiarity opportunities for their little ones.

Do you provide an online service to youth in your community? Comment below if you’d like to be featured on our After School Club Ideas blog?

After School Clubs for Tweens

You know the kids I mean. These are kids who have been at the program the longest. They’ve seen every craft, heard every attention getter, and played every game. Not only has it become repetitive to them but sometimes they feel they are too old for these activities. Often times they may feel like they don’t belong anymore. Boredom and apathy lead to discipline problems. So how do you reach out to these students? They’re not quite pre-teens but they are also not little kids anymore either. They are tweens (at my school this is the 5th and 6th grade group). Here are some tips and strategies for planning After School Activities and Clubs that will be entertaining and interesting to Tweens.

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