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Ceramics Club

ceramicsFor creative youngsters Ceramics Club is sure to be a hit! I have found that girls and boys alike tend to enjoy the hands-on aspect of this club!

Club Planning Pro-Tip: With a club like Ceramics Club, things can get pretty pricey. This is where getting creative comes in handy! If you are hosting a 4-6 week club, plan to have one to two big projects and fill in other hands-on projects that offer a similar type of sensory experiences!

Club main project:

WEEK 1: Purchase Clay. Crayola model magic is perfect for use in the elementary school or home setting as it does not need to be baked. Foster creativity encouraging children to sculpt their favorite animal figurines, bowls, cups, etc. Allow to dry.

Here’s a great video that provides a great visual guide to the pinch method of creating with clay.

WEEK 2: Have each child paint their clay creation. Show children images of historical pieces of clay from different cultures for ideas and have them create a piece unique to them.

WEEK 3: Host an art gallery for each child to display their work and invite family members and other club participants to check it out!

Filler week activity ideas:

Play with modeling clay, floam, or playdoh.

Make homemade play dough or salt dough.

Teach fun history facts about ancient pottery.

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