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Fun with Australian Animals at home

Fun with Australian Animals at home

Looking for fun activities to do with your little ones at home? Have little animal lovers? Check out live stream and educational videos from “Australian Reptile Park” and “Animal Tales with Tim Faulkner” daily on instagram.

My girls are excited to check out Koala feeding time, which will be around 8pm for us – a pre-bedtime adventure.

One of my favorite things to do with my own children and former students is to create a themed week (or weeks) of activities to help aid in my planning. Here are some resources to extend learning and activity time about animals from this region of the world!

Australian Animal Crafts and Activities for Kids from DLTK

Top 25 Books about Australian Animals to Share with Children from Tracys Travels in Time

Australian animals worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers


After School Clubs at Home

After School Clubs at Home

With COVID-19 impacting families all around the world, many parents have suddenly found themselves in the role of becoming reluctant homeschoolers. Myself included! I suddenly have to teach my kindergartener daily while also providing enrichment activities for my toddler. Since my children are so young, I have found that the best format is to break up the day in chunks allowing for periods of core-learning time (math, science, language arts, reading, and social studies) broken up with free-time, outside play, and extra-curricular fun activities. Those extra activities are perfect times to introduce after school clubs in a home setting. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit with your children and brainstorm where their interests lie and find a club that appeals to them. My five year old has expressed interest in Hawaiian club after watching Moana – which thankfully was featured on our site a few years ago! You can bet I’ll be pulling ideas from that theme!

Please have fun exploring all our ready to implement club ideas on this site here. Watch out for more content coming soon. If there’s any specific clubs you would like to see featured, please comment below! At the request of readers I will be adding an anime club and more unisex literature based clubs.

Reading Club

Book Clipart ImagesIt’s Book Fair week at our school.  I always love seeing children get excited about reading books.  Adding a reading club to your after school program can help keep children motivated to read.  There are many ways a Reading Club can be added to an After School Program. Here are a few ideas you can try.

1) Plan a Club Theme that is inspired by children’s literature.

A few ideas have been outlined on this site, like Harry Potter Club or Fancy Nancy Club.  Children can enjoy reading and listening to the stories, while also making crafts or playing games that complement them.

2) Plan an Ongoing Reading Club

Set aside time in your daily schedule specifically dedicated to reading.  Younger children can be read to, while older children can read on their own if they wish.  Instruct the children that they will participate in the the club each day for at least 15-20 minutes.  Each time they complete a session they will earn a star on the incentive chart.  After earning a certain number they will earn an incentive.  This is a great way for children and parents to track their progress.

What ideas for leading a reading club do you have? What other ways do you integrate academics into the after-school setting?

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