Deep Space Sparkle: Great Resource for Art and Book Club Ideas

I have loved art and reading from a very young age thanks very much in part to the adult role models I had in my life. They constantly exposed me to the Arts, Music, and Literature. As an adult I have been always advocated that children to be exposed to Literature and the Arts as much as possible so that they too can develop a love for them. Many times when I seek to plan an After School Club I like to incorporate Art and Reading into the overall theme.

I have recently stumbled a wonderfully rich blog called, “Deep Space Sparkle…Out of this World Art Lessons” created by Patty. If you are looking for ideas for clubs such as Art from Around the World, Children’s Picture books, Artists, and more you should check it out.

When planning an After School Club I always like to choose a general theme and then plan 4-6 weeks revolving around theme. For more about planning an After School Club check out my article:  Planning your First After School Club

So if for instance you chose to have a Dr. Seuss Club you could use one of Nancy’s Art lesson plans to make a “One Fish Two Fish” Art Project. (shown below)

From Patty at "Deep Space Sparkle...Out of this World Lesson Plans"

Speaking of Dr. Seuss Club, another fun food craft you can make is a:

Cat in the Hat Marshmallow Hat

Ingredients: 1 Nilla Wafer, 1 marshmallow, a dab of white frosting and red frosting gel.

Directions: 1) Dab the white frosting to the nilla wafer and stick marshmallow to it. 2) Use Red frosting gel to paint on red stripes. Voila and edible Cat in the Hat – Hat!

Also featured on “Deep Space Sparkle…Out of this World Art Lessons” are lessons inspired by famous artists such Eric Carle, Matisse, and Picasso.

Patty  also features Art Lessons from around the world such as Russian Matryoshka dolls, Mexican Folk Art, and Ancient Aztec Art.

I know I will be back to visit Patty’s site often! I encourage you stop by for a visit!

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