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Do you remember Family Feud, Jeopardy or Double Dare?

Ok, in the world of advanced video gaming systems, game shows may seem a little outdated, but kids will always enjoy engaging in fun group games. Game Show club can offer a new opportunity for friendly competition. In order to instill a spirit of healthy competition make sure to remind children about sportsmanship and teamwork. If you’d like, you can keep a supply of small prizes to handout at each week for good sportsmanship, as well as for winning games. Here are ideas for a four week club.

Week 1: “Family Feud” style game

1) A few days before starting your club hand out surveys for the game including 15-20 questions for kids to answer i.e. Favorite Color? Favorite Food? Have staff members add together all the answers for each question to come up with a panel of questions.

2) Have the children form small groups and come up with a “Family Name,” You can also have them make signs for their team if you have extra time?

3) Give each team a chance to earn points trying to guess what the top guesses were in for each question. Each survey will contain the top five answers. The team may guess all 5 correct answers. If they guess incorrectly they are buzzed out. After 3 buzzes it is the next team’s turn. The second team gets one guess, if they guess correctly they can steal the points for that round, otherwise the points go to the first team. After this round a new category is introduced.

Example Category-Favorite Color

Guess = Blue

Blue is the # 2 answer for 23 points

Week 2: Have a Game Show DVD Game/Board Game Session.

Play Deal or no Deal or Wheel of Fortune TV Game, DVD Game or Board Game (whichever you can find at Local store). If you have a Computer Center you can set up the computers with games such as Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, or Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Week 3: Create a “Jeopardy” style Game with index cards

Describe Jeopardy as a game where you are given the ANSWER to a trivia question and must figure out what the QUESTION was. Use 3×5 Index cards to write trivia answers on one side and dollar/point amounts on the other sides. (Make sure Staff have created an answer key). Break kids into two teams and have kids take turns choosing dollar amounts and answering questions.


$100 ~ A type of food that is green with tomatoes and cilantro

What is guacamole?

$200~ Ernie’s Best Friend

Who is Bert?

Week 4: “Double Dare” style Challenge

**DISCLAIMER ~ Children may get messy, make sure parents are aware ahead of time          (a permission slip would be a good idea)**

I remember watching the game show Double Dare when I was a kid. Some of the physical challenges on the show looked so wacky and fun. While they would likely be a little different, some of the challenges can be recreated and provide fun entertainment for all. Here are a few ideas:

Air-mail: Have contestants make a paper airplane and fly it so it lands on an object (such as a chair) placed 8 feet away.

Objective: See who can make an airplane and land it on the object.

Bubble gum pie challenge: Prepare 2-6 pie tins with an unwrapped piece of a squared piece of bubble inside. Cover with whipped cream. Have contestants line up with their hands behind their backs. At the “go” signal, contestants will try to find the gum and blow a bubble.

Objective: See who can find their gum and blow a bubble first.

That’s a wrap for today! Hope you enjoy these fun game show club ideas. Do you have game show ideas you’d like share? Feel free to comment. I’d love to hear them!

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