Fun Winter Projects’s cold outside. Time for some fun winter projects. Whether you live in snowy New York City or Sunny Southern California (well…rainy as of late!)  you can partake in the following projects with your young ones.

Edible Snowballs on a Stick:

Supplies needed:

  • white chocolate chips
  • microwave safe bowls
  • large marshmallows
  • sprinkles
  • craft sticks

A work colleague of mine shared this with me! I tried it out with a group of five year olds and they had a blast!! Have an adult melt the white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Allow the children to attach their marshmallow to a craft stick, dip in white chocolate, and sprinkles (if desired) and allow to dry.

Eat and enjoy!

Paper Snowflakes

A timeless classic, I can even recall creating paper snowflakes as a young girl! Give children a blank white piece of paper and ask them to make snowflakes. It’s neat to see the folding methods they come up with!

If you’d like to be even more precise about your paper snowflake making here is a neat wiki video-link guide on how to fold and cut paper snowflakes.

Snowball fight (with socks!)

Have you ever played a game called Clean your Room with a group of children? Well Snowball fight is a simple variation of that game. The rules are very simple.  All you need is some masking tape and about 40 pieces of crumbled paper ~ or in this case socks for snowballs.  To make a snowball simply roll up 1 sock and then tuck in the ends ~ voila a snowball! Now divide the children into two equal teams and explain that they will have X amount of time to “clean” their side of the room. They do this by throwing the paper or socks to the other team’s side. After time is up the children must freeze as the referees see which team had the least amount of paper/socks left on their side.

*The ingenious thing about using socks is that there are no rough edges and they are very soft and light, which helps ensure a safe and fun time for all the children who play!


If you have never used insta-snow with a group of children you are in for a treat!

Materials needed:

  • Water
  • bowls
  • plastic spoons
  • Insta-Snow
  • Food Coloring (optional)
  • Big trash bags (to cover tables)

If you have a snow themed week or club this activity is a great culminating or special event! Tell the children they are going to make snow!
First, cover the tables with cut up plastic bags that you can throw away after ~ if any snow makes it onto the table it is extremely hard to clean off, even with soap/water or cleaners. Using throw away cover saves a lot of time later.

Next, give each child an individual bowl filled with water and a spoon. If you would like to color their snow add coloring to the water before adding the insta-snow. Have an adult give the 1 spoon full of insta-snow and til the child to stir until they have made snow.  Remember a little insta-snow goes a long way.

Once completely mixed the children will be able to touch and feel and play with their snow. It will feel cold to the touch! It is a very fun sensory experience for children.

I hope you and your children enjoy these fun winter activities!

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