Hats off to Summer – What’s next for After School Club Ideas?

As the end of the school year approaches I have been wondering what direction to take with this blog for the summer. Being the ever constant planner I am always thinking ahead into planning for next year so I will likely still be presenting club ideas & activities – I have many more Club Theme ideas I have yet to feature! I also plan to present Summer Club Ideas.

I also hope to include some children’s book reviews. I love reading and I also love knowing first hand what kids are reading these days. It helps me to relate to them in an area they are interested in and figure out how to apply those interests in the after school setting. Has anyone out there read How to Train your Dragon by Cressida Cowell or Percy and the Olympians by Rick Riordan yet? I seem to have a group of older students at school who are reading these stories almost on a daily basis for hours on end. (It puts such a huge smile on my face to see children so engaged in reading books!)  I think these books will be right up my alley as I have a secret love for Science Fiction and Fantasy books geared for young readers. Some of my favorites in the past have been The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein and I must admit I am a serious fan of The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

I am also hoping to visit other blogs and possibly be looking for Guest Blogger writing opportunities. I’d be honored to write at your blog if you happen to be looking for Guest Writers. Perhaps we could set up a blog posting swap?

Furthermore, if you would like to be a Guest Writer here at After School Club Ideas I am currently looking for Contributors. If you are interested I would love to feature any articles related to Children’s activities out of school, crafts and games ideas, children’s books reviews, etc. New ideas are always welcome! Please send any submissions or questions to me at afterschoolclubideas@gmail.com.

Wishing a happy summer to you all!

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One thought on “Hats off to Summer – What’s next for After School Club Ideas?

  1. I am a Sixth Grade teacher, and I love accelerated reading. I have a post called Sunday Fun Read, where I feature books that my students and I enjoy. Check it out when you can. I have a link at the top that shows all of my book picks so far.
    I am enjoying looking around your blog. Have a great day!

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