All About Bugs Club

Recommended ages: 5-9

Spring time is such a beautiful time for kids observe the world around them. Whether they are buzzing in the air or crawling around in the dirt. I’m sure your kids have noticed a bug or two outside. “All About Bugs” Club is a neat way to teach kids more about Bugs.

Gone Buggy Fuse Beads

Materials: Fuse beads, Fuse Bead boards, fuse bead ironing papers, masking tape, Iron

Let the kids think of their favorite bugs and design them with fuse beads. Kids can make caterpillars, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, and more.

Fuse Bead Tips and Tricks (because I have been through my share of mishaps in the past!):

  1. Use masking tape to make of a small square on the floor around the iron. Instruct the children to stay out of the taped area as it is “very hot”
  2. Use one brand of fuse bead boards and beads ~ if you try to mix and match they may not iron properly or fit into the boards.
  3. Allow plenty of time for this project ~ kids can get very involved in fuse bead craft for 45 minutes or more. Be sure to give plenty of advanced warning for the end of project time.
  4. Have kids raise their hands when they have finished their project and have an adult bring it to the ironing area. This will help prevent kids from accidentally dropping their projects.
  5. Be careful not to turn the iron on too high as this will melt their projects or too low or the project may fall apart. I find a medium-high setting works the best.
  6. Make sure to place ironing paper on top of fuse beads before ironing and make sure to iron both sides.

Litter Bugs

A fun craft using recycled materials! Gather together some items you might otherwise be throwing out (paper towel rolls, scrap pieces of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.) Challenge the kids to be creative and make bugs from litter. As a finishing touch add googly eyes!

Bug Walk

I can’t say I haven’t jumped out of my seat a time or two when a spider has crossed my path. But I do have an appreciation and respect for insect life that I think is good to pass on to children as well. Having a Bug Walk can help children to observe bugs in their natural environment and identify different types of bugs. During your Bug Walk you can provide several Teachable Moments to the children: What does it mean to observe? Why are insects good for the environment? What do insects do? Encourage the children to ask lots of questions!

Dirt Cups


  • Create-a-bug fruit snacks
  • 100 calorie Oreos packs, Oreos, or Graham Crackers
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Clear Plastic Cups, spoons, and resealable sandwich bags


1) Place a few graham crackers/cookies in a resealable bag (1 per child.) Let the children use their fists to smash up their cookies into little bits.

2) Put pudding into individual cups, and have children top with their “dirt mixture.” They can blend it in or leave it as a topping.

3) Add two or three create-a-bug fruit snacks. (These are fun because kids can design their own bug!) Eat and enjoy!

My Favorite Bug Books:

On Beyond Books: All About Insects by Tish Rabe, from The Dr. Seuss Library

Don’t Squash that Bug!: The Curious Kid’s Guide to Insects by Natalie Rompella and Margo Burian

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