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Ceramics Club

ceramicsFor creative youngsters Ceramics Club is sure to be a hit! I have found that girls and boys alike tend to enjoy the hands-on aspect of this club!

Club Planning Pro-Tip: With a club like Ceramics Club, things can get pretty pricey. This is where getting creative comes in handy! If you are hosting a 4-6 week club, plan to have one to two big projects and fill in other hands-on projects that offer a similar type of sensory experiences!

Club main project:

WEEK 1: Purchase Clay. Crayola model magic is perfect for use in the elementary school or home setting as it does not need to be baked. Foster creativity encouraging children to sculpt their favorite animal figurines, bowls, cups, etc. Allow to dry.

Here’s a great video that provides a great visual guide to the pinch method of creating with clay.

WEEK 2: Have each child paint their clay creation. Show children images of historical pieces of clay from different cultures for ideas and have them create a piece unique to them.

WEEK 3: Host an art gallery for each child to display their work and invite family members and other club participants to check it out!

Filler week activity ideas:

Play with modeling clay, floam, or playdoh.

Make homemade play dough or salt dough.

Teach fun history facts about ancient pottery.

Fun Food Crafts that are healthy too!

Children love to manipulate and handle food. This is wonderful as it provides great sensory play and even helps build math skills. And of course they love to eat it too! Here are some fun ideas for food crafts that are healthy. Bonus: Easy clean up and prep make it easy to do these in the after school setting!

Angry Birds Bites

Butterfly Snacks

All things Disney Club

Summer time, summer time, M-O-U-S-E. Ok, so I just made that up. But what could be a better time to host a Disney Club than in the summer time. The possibilities are endless, and with the vast number of characters children are bound to have a disney character (or two or twenty!) that they love. Here’s some ideas to get started with your very own Disney Club!

Fuse Beads inspired by ‘A Bug’s Life’

Materials: Fuse Beads, Fuse Bead Boards, Ironing Paper, masking tape, Iron

Let the kids think of their favorite bugs and design them with fuse beads. Kids can make caterpillars, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, and more.

Fuse Bead Tips and Tricks (because I have been through my share of mishaps in the past!):

1) Use masking tape to make of a small square on the floor around the iron. Instruct the children to stay out of the taped area as it is “very hot”

2) Use one brand of fuse bead boards and beads ~ if you try to mix and match they may not iron properly or fit into the boards.

3) Allow plenty of time for this project ~ kids can get very involved in fuse bead craft for 45 minutes or more. Be sure to give plenty of advanced warning for the end of project time.

4) Have kids raise their hands when they have finished their project and have an adult bring it to the ironing area. This will help prevent kids from accidentally dropping their projects.

5) Be careful not to turn the iron on too high as this will melt their projects or too low or the project may fall apart. I find a medium-high setting works the best.

6) Make sure to place ironing paper on top of fuse beads before ironing and make sure to iron both sides.

BONUS ACTIVITY – If you would like to continue the Bug’s Life theme you can make ‘buggy edible dirt cups’ with gummy bugs/worms, pudding, and crushed oreos. Gross looking, yumminess.

Mickey or Minnie Mouse Headband Kits


This is a fabulous etsy find. You can purchase ready made craft kits or perhaps you may be inspired to create your own.








Other ideas

Disney dress up day and parade

Disney coloring sheets 

Disney trivia games- You can look up you own fun facts online or find various disney trivia board/dvd games.

Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt – cut up tiny mickey ears and hide them for a Disney inspired game of hide and seek. (Fun fact: Did you know there are mickey ears hidden inside Disneyland? Find out more about them here.)

I’ve joined Pinterest!

Top of Box
Decoupage Trinket Box Craft on Pinterest

I may be a little behind on this, but I’ve finally done it.  I’ve joined Pinterest.  It was kind of an exciting process.  First, you have to sign up to be on a waiting list.  Then, you have to be ‘invited’ to join.  I felt it added a mysterious flair to the whole process.

What a great resource this will be for planning after school clubs and activities for children! It’s the ultimate idea-sharing site.  As I browse around, I am eager to share what I find with you.

Inspiration.  It’s a beautiful thing! (And so are all the photos on pinterest.)  And if you’d like to follow my page, click on this link.



Fun Spring Time Craft Ideas:

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

Snowy Crafts!

Whether you live in a sunny or snowy climate, tis the season for some fun, snow-inspired crafts!

Here are a few ideas for your after school program!

1) Decorate a Snowman Cookie

Supplies Needed:

  • Sugar Cookies (in 2 to 3 diff. sizes- Nilla Wafers work great for the head)
  • White Frosting
  • Mini M&M’s, Skittles (for face and buttons)
  • Twizzlers (for scarf)
  • Black Licorice – cut into pieces (for top hat)
  • Spoons (for spreading frosting)
  • Paper Plates
  • Pretzel Sticks (for arms)

Place 2-3 cookies on a plate. Allow kids to ice using spoons. Decorate your snowman (or woman).

2) Edible Snowballs on a Stick

I’ve posted this one before…it’s one of my favorites!  A fun, winter food craft for your enjoyment that’s super simple too! 

Supplies needed:

  • white chocolate chips or Candiquik** (see below)
  • microwave safe bowls
  • large marshmallows
  • sprinkles
  • craft sticks
  • wax paper (for drying)

A work colleague of mine shared this with me! I tried it out with a group of five year olds and they had a blast!! Have an adult melt the white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Allow the children to attach their marshmallow to a craft stick, dip in white chocolate, and sprinkles (if desired) and allow to dry.

Eat and enjoy!


**Log House Vanilla Candiquik, 16-ounce Package, Pack of oneAn alternative to using white choc. chips is a new product I found (well, new for me anyway) called candiquik. This stuff is awesome! It’s microwavable and comes with it’s own tray! Also, as an added bonus — you can dip up to 18-20 projects, and add the sprinkles — all without reheating! This is great because each time you reheat white choc chips they get lumpier and sometimes brown.  You can find this product online at or at your local Target store.

3) 3D Paper Snowflakes

I’ve been making regular paper snowflakes all my life and have since passed on my love for making them to the kids at work.  One day while we were making them, one of the kid’s parents came in and said, “Have you ever made a 3D snowflake?” “No! I had not” I replied. (How cool does that sound?) She showed us how to make them, and from that day forward, we loved it.  It looks challenging…and for me the process was hard to remember at first.  But, follow this link to wikihow: How to make a 3D snowflake and you will end up with something that looks like this:

From Make-a-3D-Paper-Snowflake

I hope you all settle in with a cup of warm cocoa and enjoy this Winter season with your charges! What will you be up to this winter?

Scrapbooking Club with Center Friendly Materials

Ever wanted to start a Scrapbooking Club with the kids at your center but worried that all the scrapbooking materials you need to buy would break your budget? Not to worry, you may be suprised that most materials needed you may already have on hand.



Continue reading “Scrapbooking Club with Center Friendly Materials”

Magic Club

Children love learning magic tricks. I can always tell when a new magic trick is being passed around at school because a handful of excited children will all show me the trick on the same day! Why not capture that magic and excitement by offering up a Magic Club?

Here are some ideas:

1) The Bubble Game, from Creative Kids at Home

What child would not want to be encased in a giant bubble? (ok even as an adult I would want to do this.) Really adorable idea!!! And very doable in the after school setting.

Supplies needed: bubble solution, hula hoop, small stool, & hula hoop


2) Learn Magic tricks– Here is a link to activity village with some great magic trick videos.


3) Magic Messages craft

  • Use the wax crayon to write secret messages on white paper.
  • Use watercolor paint to reveal the secret message ~ like magic!

Supplies needed: clear wax crayons from Easter Egg Kits, white paper, watercolors, paintbrushes.


4) Special Event- Have a special visitor “magician” put on a Magic Show or demonstration for the students.

Hope you have a bippity boppity magically teriffic time with your magic club!



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