After School Club Ideas: A to Z

I have compiled a comprehensive after school club theme list using every letter of the alphabet. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews, strategies, and lesson plans for implementing these ideas! Just for fun I have placed an *asterisks next to clubs I have seen in action and **double-asterisks next to clubs that have been written about here at After School Club Ideas.

  • Art Club*
  • Balloon Club
  • Ceramics or Color Me Mine Club*
  • Dance Club*
  • Extraordinary Earth Club**
  • Fort Club
  • Game Show Club*
  • Hawaiian Club** or Homework Club**
  • Italian Club
  • Jewelry Making Club*
  • Kite Club
  • Lego Club*
  • Money Matters Club
  • Nickelodeon Club*
  • Ooey Gooey Club*
  • Pinata Club*
  • Quilting Club
  • Royalty Club*
  • Scrapbooking Club**
  • Taste of Mexico Club**
  • Unda da Sea Club
  • Viking Explorers Club
  • Woodworking Club
  • X-treme Sports & Games Club
  • Yo-Yo Club
  • Zoo Club

Aren’t those ideas fun? Feel free to use these ideas or even better — share your ideas in the comments section below.  I know there are many more out there!

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6 thoughts on “After School Club Ideas: A to Z

  1. Clubs from A-Z
    It was very nice to find your blog Marie. I’m excited to share it with others. Here is an A-Z list that we’ve developed for use as we brainstorm about clubs ideas each year.

    • Art Attack Club
    • Astronomy Club
    • Auto Mechanics Club
    • Balls (Baseball, Basketball, Beach ball) Club
    • Bible Club
    • Book Club
    • Candle-Making Club
    • Chorus Club
    • Clown College Club: juggling, balloon animal art, face painting, etc.
    • Climate Club
    • Community Kids Club
    • Construction Club
    • Cooking Club: Foods from around the world, foods from a time in history (American Frontier).
    • Culture: Tolerance, awareness, new ideas, history, world views on: education, food, entertainment, and families.
    • Dance Club
    • Drama Club – Dramatic Fanatics
    • Environment Club – E-Team Environment: Awareness of self and environment, global issues, compassion and caring, life skills, science, organization/team-building, literacy, gardening.
    • Family Event Club
    • Fencing Club
    • Field Trip-Planning Club
    • Fun in the Sun Club
    • Games from Around the World Club
    • Gardening Club
    • Geocaching Club
    • Guitar Club
    • Handy Helpers Club
    • Haunted/Spooky Story Club
    • Healthy Kids’ Club
    • Inside Out (Taking apart machines) Club
    • Jewelry-Making Club
    • Journalism Club
    • Jump Roping Club – Double Dutch & Tricks
    • Junior Rangers Club
    • Karate Club
    • Kids Council
    • Kite-Making Club
    • Language Club
    • Letterboxing Club
    • Magic Club
    • Make a Difference Club
    • Medieval: History, chivalry, role play, responsibility, teamwork, fun!
    • Mechanics Club
    • Music: Math, culture, rhythm, teamwork, discipline, creativity.
    • Nature Club
    • Older Kids Club
    • Orienteering Club
    • Painting Club
    • Paper Airplane Club
    • Pay it Forward Club
    • Percussion Club
    • Pirate Club
    • Press Club
    • Puppet-Making Club
    • Question Club (Kids’ Book of Questions)
    • Reading Club
    • Refreshments Club
    • Rhythm Club
    • Running Club
    • Samurai Club
    • Science Club
    • Soccer Club
    • Spanish Club
    • Sports Fanatic Club
    • Spy Kids Club
    • Storytelling Club
    • Survivor: Survival skills, nature, environment, responsibility, first aid, self trust, knowledge, confidence, problem solving.
    • Television Production Club
    • Tennis Club
    • Ultimate Frisbee Club
    • Vehicle Club
    • Ventriloquism Club
    • Video Club
    • Volcano Club
    • Water Colors Club
    • Weaving Club
    • Xtra Xtra: Media Club – Newspaper, radio, TV, internet.
    • Yarn Club
    • Younger Kids’ Club
    • Youth Club
    • Zoological Club

  2. Hi Mike!
    Wow this is an awesome list. I am so intrigued by the club ideas on your list. Ventriliquism sounds so likes such as unique and interesting topic that I know kids would find fascinating. Thanks for sharing. You’ve got my creative juices flowing…

  3. This is a nice list. We run a arts club for the children.

    Currently we offer:

    Art club
    Debate Society
    Gardening Club
    Pottery Club
    Literacy/numeracy club
    thinking club
    science society
    music club
    drama group
    geography club
    history society
    planting club

  4. That is a great list! Let me know if you would like to write a guest post about any of your clubs. -Marie

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