Month: April 2011

Magic Club

Children love learning magic tricks. I can always tell when a new magic trick is being passed around at school because a handful of excited children will all show me the trick on the same day! Why not capture that magic and excitement by offering up a Magic Club?

Here are some ideas:

1) The Bubble Game, from Creative Kids at Home

What child would not want to be encased in a giant bubble? (ok even as an adult I would want to do this.) Really adorable idea!!! And very doable in the after school setting.

Supplies needed: bubble solution, hula hoop, small stool, & hula hoop


2) Learn Magic tricks– Here is a link to activity village with some great magic trick videos.


3) Magic Messages craft

  • Use the wax crayon to write secret messages on white paper.
  • Use watercolor paint to reveal the secret message ~ like magic!

Supplies needed: clear wax crayons from Easter Egg Kits, white paper, watercolors, paintbrushes.


4) Special Event- Have a special visitor “magician” put on a Magic Show or demonstration for the students.

Hope you have a bippity boppity magically teriffic time with your magic club!



Happy Easter everyone!

An oldie but goodie post for today. I hope everyone is enjoying a special Easter with your families!


Do you ever have those moments in life where you participate in something and suddenly realize ~ hey the kids at school would love this activity. How can I incorporate it into my program?

That’s what happened to me on Easter 2007.  I was at a Family Easter Party and witnessed a family tradition that intrigued me. We had just finished eating some appetizers when everyone started grabbing some colored Easter eggs (the hard-boiled kind not those plastic ones full of candy.) The next thing I knew people were pairing themselves up and challenging their partner to an “Egg War.”

Continue reading “Happy Easter everyone!”

Cake Ball Craze

Yum, Yum! Have you seen the latest in fun baked goods craze? Last year we saw the rise of the cupcake….this year its the scrumptious cake pop or cake ball.

We had a Bake Sale a few months bake to support a wonderful program called Pennies for Patients whose proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The kids had a blast with this fundraiser and also supported a wonderful cause. Continue reading “Cake Ball Craze”

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