Month: August 2010

How I came to Child Care

Hello everyone, Marie here!

Today’s post is going to be a bit unusual for me. Rather than sharing the latest news, clubs, or activities in Child Care I am going to share a bit of my story which eventually led me on my path to becoming an After School Child Care Director.¬† As I am gearing up to enter the new school year I felt it appropriate¬† to share and help encourage us all (myself included) to remember that what we do matters to the children we work with. Continue reading “How I came to Child Care”

Breathing new life into your After-School Program: Introducing an Idea-Sharing Forum

Each year as I am preparing for my return at the beginning of the school year I gear up for a great year. I think about all the new kids I am going to meet and what they are going to be like. Will there be more boys or girls? Will they like outside games or crafts more? What will their favorite books and hobbies be? Usually I am very well-prepared — I’ve laid out lesson plans and event ideas that are sure to keep everyone happy, safe and entertained. I have my magic sack of handy dandy, tried and true games and activity ideas that I just know the kids are going to love! Continue reading “Breathing new life into your After-School Program: Introducing an Idea-Sharing Forum”

Back to School: Icebreaker Games & Activities

It’s almost that time again ~ Back to School for the kids! This is an exciting time of year for everyone but it can also be kind of an awkward one at the Child Care Center. New kids to school may feel anxious or apprehensive – not knowing what to expect or how to act. Old friends may stick together with those they already know to make themselves comfortable. Meanwhile, Staff may be feeling a bit rusty after coming back to work from a few months off. This is the time when Icebreaker Games and Activities are at their most essential. They will help loosen everyone up a bit, make them smile, and help break out of their shells and get to know one another. Here a few ideas to help get things started: Continue reading “Back to School: Icebreaker Games & Activities”

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