Month: July 2010

Treasured Moment Tuesdays

Welcome to Treasured Moments Tuesdays!

This will be a monthly post here at After School Club Ideas. This is our Second month in the series.  The goal is to have readers comment below and share the treasured moments that they have shared with children.

Thank you Denyse from Together we Save for being the first to participate!

Children are truly a gift. They can say the silliest things and make you laugh and they can awe you with their incredible thirst for knowledge. Sometimes there are even those moments when they make stop in your tracks and think, “Wow, I just learned something new from a 5 year old” or ” I needed reminding that life lesson I may have forgotten along the way.”

Have you ever had any of these treasured moments with the children in your life? As a parent, teacher or even a friend? Please leave your comments below or click the Save/Share button to share on Facebook or Twitter! I am anxious to hear from you!  Continue reading “Treasured Moment Tuesdays”

Pond Life Club

Pond Life Club

Recommended Ages: 5-7

Do you remember spending time at the pond when you were young (or something that resembled a pond)? I can recall observing the tadpoles and getting bit by mosquitoes — yikes! But I always had a ball!

Here are several ideas for hosting a Pond Life Club with your kids!

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Deep Space Sparkle: Great Resource for Art and Book Club Ideas

Deep Space Sparkle: Great Resource for Art and Book Club Ideas

I have loved art and reading from a very young age thanks very much in part to the adult role models I had in my life. They constantly exposed me to the Arts, Music, and Literature. As an adult I have been always advocated that children to be exposed to Literature and the Arts as much as possible so that they too can develop a love for them. Many times when I seek to plan an After School Club I like to incorporate Art and Reading into the overall theme.

I have recently stumbled a wonderfully rich blog called, “Deep Space Sparkle…Out of this World Art Lessons” created by Patty. If you are looking for ideas for clubs such as Art from Around the World, Children’s Picture books, Artists, and more you should check it out.

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After School Clubs for Tweens

You know the kids I mean. These are kids who have been at the program the longest. They’ve seen every craft, heard every attention getter, and played every game. Not only has it become repetitive to them but sometimes they feel they are too old for these activities. Often times they may feel like they don’t belong anymore. Boredom and apathy lead to discipline problems. So how do you reach out to these students? They’re not quite pre-teens but they are also not little kids anymore either. They are tweens (at my school this is the 5th and 6th grade group). Here are some tips and strategies for planning After School Activities and Clubs that will be entertaining and interesting to Tweens.

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