Month: May 2010

After School Activities: Variations on Hide and Seek

As the weather heats up children are going to be looking forward to spending more time outdoors. I love encouraging children to get more active. One game I always loved growing up is Hide and Seek. Here are some fun variations of Hide and Seek that with proper supervision work very well in the After School Setting. Continue reading “After School Activities: Variations on Hide and Seek”

All About Bugs Club

All About Bugs Club

Recommended ages: 5-9

Spring time is such a beautiful time for kids observe the world around them. Whether they are buzzing in the air or crawling around in the dirt. I’m sure your kids have noticed a bug or two outside. “All About Bugs” Club is a neat way to teach kids more about Bugs.

Continue reading “All About Bugs Club”

Non-food based rewards/incentives

Positive reinforcement can be very powerful in the childcare setting and often one group reward that is commonly thought of is food. Earning sweets such as cake, ice cream or candy or possibly a pizza party can be a big motivator for children and can be a fairly easy or obvious choice. But relying primarily on food based reward systems is not a good idea for a variety of reasons. Continue reading “Non-food based rewards/incentives”

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