Hi its Marie! I’m gearing up for a great 2016, and wanted to let you know what I’m up to!

I have a secret to share!! I’ve taken a few years off from the child care center scene to take care of my own little girl during her formative years. As you can see I’ve taken quite a long break from blogging regularly! Well that’s about to change this year!! Here is a sneak peek at the hot topics I’ll be discussing this year.

-Homework help in the after school setting.

-Free after school center organization tips and printables

-Cogntive skills building and STEM

-More preschool/toddler friendly activities – in case you have young ones to care for after school as well!!

-Book reviews – Book themed clubs

Looking forward to a great year!!


PS – I’m also moonlighting as a Jamberry Nails independent consultant !! If you love cute nails and free stuff, book a Facebook party with me here:




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