Mommy And Me Nails … Jamberry Nail Wraps!

mommynmeI love nail art! You can wear them yourself, and so can your kids. Want to try out a sample? Fill out this form!

Why do I love these nail wraps so much?

1- First, each set of wraps is Buy 3, Get the 4th Free and comes with enough wraps to do your nails 3-4 times. I usually get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures out of each set. Less than 5 bucks a pop!

2- They’re easy to apply using a basic nail tools (scissors, file, cuticle pusher) and our mini heater (0r hair dryer/rice bag). My manicures average 10-14 days and my pedciures 3-4 weeks+.

3- They come in a variety of over 350 colors, patterns, and finishes. Seriously?! So much fun! And, if you are a designer at heart, you can create your own in the Nail Art Studio.

4- They come in regular and junior sizes for children 0-8. Enter Matching Mommy and Me Nails!

5- No chipping and no dry time like traditional polish

6- 5-Free Lacquer and Gel is also available. That means they are much less chemically than other systems. I don’t know about you, but the less ingredients, the better!

7- Super budget friendly and doesn’t require alot of time – perfect for busy writers and Mommies.

If you’d fancy trying them yourself you can purchase some from my shop here! OR book an online party here to earn free nail wraps.