Month: April 2016

Lego Quest – The Ultimate Lego Club!

legosHave you heard of lego quest? If not I highly suggest you check out this blog:

Do you have access to legos in your after school program? If so, that’s all you need to host the ultimate lego club! I love the way it challenges children to be creative and really think outside the box when making their creations! I have to admit, I did hear a few moans and groans to start off (They preferred coming up with their own projects at first!) … But once they got into the challenges, it was a hit!!

I do like to offer incentives for attendance, and kept track of points for all people who attended and attempted to create the project of the week!

FREE PRINTABLE: Lego Club Points Tracker


Book Club Series: Picture Book Spotlight – 99 Monkeys on a Bus!

Did you know I like to write children’s books? My picture book, 99 Monkeys on a Bus, picture book was published by Guardian Angel Publishing last year! Even before that time, I have loved leading book clubs in the after school setting! I love sharing the joys of reading with children, while also planning fun activities around them. I have also had great success hosting a “Young Writer’s Club,” teaching children the ins and outs of writing their own picture book! (Actually – that’s how I got started myself! But, more details of that club and story in another post!)

I’m planning to share reviews of picture books, chapter books, and middle grade fiction in my book club series so as to provide activities for a K-6th program!

I always like to start off reading our inspiration book! You can find 99 Monkeys on a Bus here at Barnes and Noble online! You can also download a digital copy here!

I always like to show children the structure of the book and who wrote and illustrated it. After the reading I ask for questions, and then ask for my own to check for comprehension. I then like to provide an art, science, or writing activity that goes along with our them.

Here is one I like in particular for 99 Monkeys on a Bus. These Monkey paper bag puppets are super cute. You can also allow the children to choose a name for their monkey and pick a number for them between 1-99. The perfect story tie in!

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